How to prepare for a consultation:

Some insurance plans might cover wigs or toppers, often called a cranial prosthesis. While we do not file for you, we do provide a receipt with details needed for a reimbursement. If a medical code is required, ask your physician if they can provide a medical code that we can put on the receipt.

Bring photos of hairstyles that you aspire to have, whether it's photos of your favorite hairstyles you've had in the past, or from magazines or websites. But as you browse, our staff will simultaneously pick out styles based on photos, your current hair, and then adjust based on what works and doesn't work as you try on styles.

If at all possible, please come without root touch up, hair makeup, or powder fillers. You can bring them with you to apply before you leave.

If you're interested in a topper, please come with your hair styled how you would usually like it styled.  If you like straight hair, please straighten your hair, and if you like curly hair, wear your hair curly.